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    Acoustical Surfaces is prominent manufacture, supplier and installer of noise control and noise reduction solutions. Combining with our experience and state of technology we provide exceptionally noise control solution that addresses our customers’ most challenging soundproofing needs. We provide advanced noise control products to a wide range of industries including food and beverage; manufacturing; construction; mining, oil & gas; the water industry; power generation; building and commercial; education and many more. Our Products-- Echo Eliminator , Sound Silencer , DBA Panels , Poly Max Acoustical Panels , Decorative Fabric Panels , Hanging Acoustical Baffles , Sound Absorbing Foam , Sonex Foam Products , Noise Barriers - Noise Blockers , School Noise Management , Flooring Underlays , Sealants–Adhesives–Green , Acoustical Ceiling Tiles , Softwall - Wallmate , Vibration Mounts - Hangers , HVAC products / Silencers , Acoustic Sound Proofing doors , Acoustic Enclosures , Wall Insulation , Electronic Sound Level Meter , Sound Test / Acoustical Analysis , Adjustable Door Seals , Designer Acoustical Curtains , Acoustic Windows - Inserts , RSIC Sound Isolation Clips , Acousti - Board , Outdoor Barrier Wall System , One Step Decorative System , Acoustimetal Panels , Soundscreen noise machine , Acousti Gasket Tape,T-Mold System , Acoustical Fabric Selection , Adjustable Sprinkler Cutter.

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