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Body Massage - River Salon Day Spa

  • Moroccan Bath Massage

    Moroccan Bath - Relief your stress and provide refreshment and relaxation in River Salon and day Spa. Have you ever known about the bath of Morocco? You will now get it on your doorstep to get a relaxing and complete refreshing experience in River Salon and Day Spa. Introducing the most knowable bath in the period followed and associated by the Turkish and Roman cultures. It is a unique experience and knows the Traditional Moroccan Hammam bath. First, it has displayed way of "Bathhouse" by Roman Empire to build and establish public hygiene.  

  • Swedish Massage

      This massage is specially prescribed for people with backache or neck pain. Due to long strokes and kneading it relieves the pain in the affected area.  Today’s sedentary lifestyle contributes a lot to people gathering pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, especially for people who are sitting in a chair and working through the day. This massage helps in loosening up the body and relaxing the tensed muscles through the strokes of the therapists. Continuous deep circular motions made on the body and near the joints of the body helps in stimulating the nerve ends and strengthening the blood circulation in the body. Loosen up and relax with the aroma of oils and give you the much-needed relaxation to your nerve ends provided by our healers, walk into our best spa in Chennai.  

  • Deep Tissue Massage

      Deep tissue massage is an old therapy Egyptians in ancient times used. This form of therapy was studied by a Canadian medicine practitioner Therese Phimmer. He introduced this form of therapy in Canada and later it went to the US which was widely accepted by people. This form concentrates on the deep bondage between the muscle tissues and in the process of oiling and therapy is supposed to provide relief to the tensed muscles. It is followed by slow strokes and deep pressure at the pain points in the body. Usually, people with chronic pain and injury look forward to this massage. If you are in constant pain due to a tense muscle or a displaced nerve, come and walk-in for a deep tissue massage at our best spa in Chennai.  

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