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  • Ayurveda Hospital Software -AVVVS

    Ayurveda Hospital software (AVVVS) reforms easy access of doctors who running specific clinics. It includes Online Appointment, consultation, Patient Data and Pharmacy Inventory Management. AVVVS - An advanced online Consultation software to enrich relationship to patients and clinic services efficiently. The main purpose of software is for Doctors who are running Individual clinics. AVVVS have an additional feature of online appointment for a patient and Video consultation. It stores patient health records, diagnoses results, and pharmacy in a single window. Customization is available as per requirements of a client. Wavefront Technologies deliver machine learning data set for projects and provide the solution to web development, app development, and CRM products. Get Free Trial of our software for 30-days. Contact us: Office No: +91 8531060660 Product info:

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